Stephen Ministry in the Geneva region is led by:


Margaret Loftin, (Crossroads Church)

Naki Obuobi, (Crossroads Church)

Pearl HARLLEY, (Crossroads Church)

Barney Keating, (St John XXIII Parish)

Jeremy Burrows, (Westlake Church)

Louise Burrows, (Westlake Church)

Kathryn Granges, (Westlake Church)

Karen Lardi, (Westlake Church)

Beryl Oriaro (St John XXIII Parish)

Mary Charles, (St John XXIII Parish)



The Leadership Team are supported by a team of Stephen Ministers drawn from the various English and French speaking churches in the region. Should you wish to have a Stephen Minister assigned to you please feel free to contact any of the above persons or provide your information directly using the "Contact Us" form.


All communication is treated confidentially.